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Rejuvenate Your Face With PRP Facial Treatment

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Rejuvenate Yourself With Blood Facials From New You

Growing in popularity over the years because of the successful results that many celebrities and influencers have seen, the “blood” or “vampire” facial uses the same power that regenerative medicine uses to repair joints and tissue and applies it to your face with platelet-rich plasma. With a blood facial treatment from New You, you could renew the glow of your skin.

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How Blood Facials Can Help You

When combined with microdermabrasion, the PRP solution, which is derived from your own blood, works with your skin to help stimulate cell turnover on your face — so old skin cells will die off and new ones can come to the forefront. This can help increase the collagen and elastin in your face so that you have a tighter, softer look when the procedure is over. It can also help even out the tone of certain skin types.

Blood Facials

Get Blood Facial Treatments With New You

At New You in Washington and California, we provide the best nonsurgical med spa services. Using the latest in medicine and natural remedies, we can help make you look young again and take years off of your appearance. Come in today and get the almost instant life of a blood facial!