The Benefits of LipoSculpting

Liposculpture is an esthetic surgery that corrects areas with fat accumulations, mobilizing them to other areas and reshaping your silhouette through the extraction of fat. Unlike other surgeries or esthetic treatments, the recovery time is much shorter, since the patients who undergo these treatments can return to work and to their daily activities after a few weeks. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of liposculpting with New You!

Better Health

Fat causes many diseases, including overweight and obesity, which are also responsible for ailments such as diabetes and hypertension. By eliminating excess fat from your body, you can significantly improve your health and even reduce the risk of future heart problems caused by high cholesterol, diabetes, or hypertension.

Boost Self-Esteem

Liposculpture surgery can help you remove fat from problem areas that you’ve been trying to tone and tighten for years. While a healthy diet and exercise is always our first recommendation for losing weight and getting healthy, liposculpture surgery can enhance the work you’ve been putting in at the gym. When you feel great about your body, you’ll likely feel great about your life. Liposculpture shouldn’t be your fix-all solution to losing weight and getting fit, but it can be combined with a healthy lifestyle for even better results.

Cellulite Reduction

While cellulite is common, especially among women, it can often make you feel uncomfortable in your skin. Liposculpture can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, leaving you with soft, smooth skin in those places you used to feel self-conscious about. You can feel comfortable and confident again with liposculpture in addition to a healthy diet. Let our team at New You offer the expert guidance you need to find out if liposculpture is right for you.

Lower Percentage of Body Fat

The primary objective of this procedure is to eliminate the excess fat in your body, which can significantly improve your body fat percentage. Post-surgery, you may find that you can move faster, you’ll feel healthier, and your skin will look much more toned and tight. Liposculpture can be done at a reasonable price. Contact us at New You to learn more today.

Liposculpture can help you enjoy better health and give you the boost of confidence that you’re looking for. Contact us to learn if liposculpture surgery is right for you. New You is here to help you revive yourself in California and Washington!