4 Reasons to Consider Breast Augmentation

4 Reasons to Consider Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world because it has the power to transform a person's self-image, allowing them to finally gain the confidence they deserve. At New You, our Gig Harbor medical spa believes there are many reasons why a woman may want to consider breast augmentation. Read on as we share four popular reasons we see among our patients, then contact us to learn more about this procedure.

4 Reasons To Consider Breast Augmentation

You Want to Correct Uneven Breasts

It's not uncommon for women to have uneven breasts. In fact, many have noticeable breast asymmetry. But if the difference between your breasts is significant, it can make it difficult to find bras that fit well. With breast augmentation, you can even out your breasts and improve their symmetry.


You Want to Enhance Your Appearance

Breast augmentation is a great option if you want to enhance the size, shape, or overall appearance of your breasts. In fact, many women who have undergone breast augmentation report feeling more confident and satisfied with their bodies!


You’ve Lost Volume After Pregnancy or Weight Loss

Pregnancy and weight loss can cause breasts to lose volume and shape. By undergoing breast augmentation, women can restore the fullness of their breasts for a more youthful appearance. This may help your clothes fit better, boost your confidence, and improve your body image.


You Want to Address the Effects of Aging

As women age, their breasts can begin to sag or lose firmness. Breast augmentation can help address these concerns, improving the overall appearance of the breasts. By restoring lost volume and improving contour, it’s possible to turn back the clock on aging!

If you’re interested in what breast augmentation could do for you, get in touch with New You today. We’ll start with a consultation to determine whether augmentation surgery is right for you.

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