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Get The Tone and Shape Back In Your Body

Body lifting is a procedure that mainly serves to remove excess skin while contouring the fat. Body lifting is a great way to increase the confidence and complete the journey of someone who has made the epic journey of significant weight loss or for those who have simply lost tone skin in the aging process. If you need body lifting, trust New You in Washington for the best care and results.


Considering Body Lifting and If It’s Right and Safe for You

Body lifting is a type of body contouring that takes care of troubling areas in terms of toning and tightening your body, at New You in Washington, we provide these services for, butts/lower back, abs, arms, and thighs. The problem with excess skin is that it loses its elasticity naturally through factors such as aging, pregnancy, extensive sun damage, weight fluctuations, and more. Body lifting and removing of excess skin is one of the only ways to remove skin and/or regain tone skin. When the excess skin is removed, the underlying muscle beneath it can start to shape your body once again.

This can be a serious procedure depending on the level of skin being removed, and all those who get it will be closely examined to make sure their bodies are ready for the procedure and recovery process. Your surgery can be customized to your needs by combining procedures such as a Brazilian Butt Lift, abdominoplasty, arm life, breast lift and more.

Body Lifts

What to Expect With Body Lifting Procedures and Recovery

As we’ve stated, body lifting can be a serious surgical procedure, but it’s one that many people are willing to endure for the transformational results it can provide. If you’ve made the journey to lose the weight or stayed physically active enough throughout your adulthood to be a candidate for this surgery, then you deserve to look as good as your body feels and get rid of that extra skin. Here’s a little more of what to expect if you’ve reached the stage of considering body lifting for your extra skin.

Body Lifting Procedure

The body lifting procedure is one that often includes liposuction, along with large incisions to completely remove sections of skin. If liposuction is involved, it’s usually to enhance the contouring of your new shape. Surgical contouring of the skin will result in natural appearing treatment areas. The results of your procedure will show almost immediately, with final results seen in a year or two before your skin has fully recovered its toning ability.

Body Lifting Recovery

Body lifting surgery recovery is significant, but not terribly long. Most patients will go home the same day as surgery and then take about two weeks to return to normal activities. During the first week or so, patients will have to monitor and address draining tubes and fluid bags, and should maintain light activities, like walking, in between getting plenty of rest and addressing any other concerns or recovery needs their surgeon informs them of.